Can One Who Receives Salvation by Faith Enter God’s Kingdom

Every true believer knows that to believe in the Lord, we must base everything on God’s words because only God’s words are the foundation of our belief in God and the criteria of entry into the kingdom of heaven. So, what did God say regarding the matter of entering the heavenly kingdom?

Pastors’ Discussion: How to “Watch And Wait” for Jesus’ Return?

Brothers and sisters, now it is the end of the last days. Every Christian is expecting to meet Jesus’ return and to be raptured to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, everyone is watching and waiting for the Lord’s return. Then how should we watch and wait to welcome Jesus’ return? Xiaojing understands what watching and waiting actually refers to after communicating with her pastor relatives and she feels quite comfortable …

Signs of Christ’s Return Have Appeared: The Lord Has Returned

Disasters such as earthquakes, famines and plagues have become more and more frequent in recent years. The prophecies in the Bible concerning the coming of the Lord have basically now been fulfilled, and many brothers and sisters who sincerely long for the Lord’s appearance have sensed that He has most likely returned already. So why haven’t we greeted Him yet? Where is He? How should we seek His appearance?