Mysteries of the bible|What Does the “Midnight” in Matthew 25:6 Refer To?

By Wu Meng

mysteries of the bible,the coming of christ,i stand at the door and knock

One summer evening, the weather being very sultry, people enjoying the cool occupied the benches of the park by ones and twos. Lisa strolled in the park alone, now raising her head and looking up at the sky, now bowing her head to think, with a face full of worry.

Suddenly, finding three people standing in front of her, Lisa stopped. With her head raised slowly, she saw clearly that it was Leader Mu, Brother Zheng, and Sister Yuan of the church who were greeting her. Lisa immediately got a little flurried and her heart started thumping, because last time she promised Leader Mu to attend the co-worker training meeting but actually was too busy with her work to show up. Besides, she had been absent from their co-worker meetings recently owing to being occupied by other affairs. She was surprised to meet them there tonight.

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How to Pray to God in Harmony With God’s Will-teach me how to pray

Pray to God

Every one of us who has faith in the Lord has known and experienced that prayer is very important, but we seldom think about whether our prayers are in accord with the Lord’s will. Some time ago, I read some spiritual books on the Internet and came to know that if we wish to obtain truth and life, we must meet three aspects of prayers every day. When I consciously followed the way given in the book, I actually got some unexpected reward. Here I shall share my gain with you.

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What Is the Incarnation?

Question 1: In all my years of faith, despite knowing that the Lord Jesus is God’s incarnation, I didn’t understand the truth of the incarnation. If the Lord’s appearance in the second coming is similar to how the Lord Jesus was incarnated as the Son of man to do His work, then we’ll be unable to recognize the Lord Jesus, we’ll be unable to greet the Lord’s coming. I believe that the incarnation is a great mystery. Few are able to truly understand the truth of the incarnation. Please commune with us on this issue, what exactly is the incarnation.

Answer: Pertaining to what is God incarnate, and what is the essence of God incarnate, it can be said as the mystery of the truth that we believers of the Lord fail to understand. For thousands of years, despite believers knew that the Lord Jesus was the incarnation of God, no one could understand what God incarnate and His essence are respectively. It was only until the advent of Almighty God in the last days that this mystery of the truth was unfolded to mankind. Let’s read a few passages of Almighty God’s word: “The meaning of incarnation is that God appears in the flesh, and He comes to work among man of His creation in the image of a flesh. So, for God to be incarnated, He must first be flesh, flesh with normal humanity; this, at the very least, must be true. In fact, the implication of God’s incarnation is that God lives and works in the flesh, God in His very essence becomes flesh, becomes a man” (“The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh).

what is the incarnation
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I Rely on God to Persevere in Faith Though My Family Obstruct Me From Believing in God

“Haoran, have you really started to believe in Eastern Lightning?” asked my mother worriedly.

“See? Mom is crying. Is it that your belief in Almighty God is more important than mom?” my brother’s tone was filled with reproach.

“O God, no matter what difficulties and obstacles I may encounter, I wish to rely on You and follow You to the very end!” I prayed in a firm tone.

Whenever I think back to scene after scene of the past, deep emotions well up within me. If not for God’s guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to follow God to this day.

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Understanding the Essence of Christ, We Have a Way to Welcome the Lord.

Through the previous post, Brothers Bakshi and Bali knew how to discern false Christs. They were very happy, and meanwhile asked a question: How are we to know Christ and welcome the appearance of Christ?

Let us look at how Brother Kakar answers it!

Kakar: On this issue, let us first read two paragraphs of God’s words. God’s word says, “He who is God incarnate shall possess the essence of God, and He who is God incarnate shall possess the expression of God. Since God becomes flesh, He shall bring forth the work He intends to do, and since God becomes flesh, He shall express what He is, and shall be able to bring the truth to man, bestow life upon him, and point the way for him.”

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More Necessary for Us to Quiet Before God in Busy Life

It’s not easy for us Christians to learn to keep quiet before God in daily life, because our life is always occupied with something. We either are busy working and doing service or immerse ourselves in social media and the Internet, and even those trivial matters in life are great bondage to us.

In many cases, when you ask some brothers or sisters: “What have you been busy with recently?” They would probably tell you that they are busy working, supporting brothers and sisters, or helping their children find partners. … Few of them would answer that they are busy keeping quiet before God and pray-reading His word.

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What Is the Meaning of the Name of Jesus Christ?

In the last fellowship, we shared Do You Know the Origin and Meaning of the Name Jehovah? Afterward, we received letters from some brothers and sisters in the Lord enquiring: “Since the name of Jehovah God will endure forever, it should be perpetuated onward. But, why did God’s name change to ‘Jesus’ in the Age of Grace? Is there any deeper significance that lies herein?” Presumably most brothers and sisters want to seek the truth of this question. So, today let’s fellowship about the reason why God took the name of Jesus instead of Jehovah in the Age of Grace and the meaning of the name of Jesus.

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Only by Achieving This Can You Welcome the Lord Like the Samaritan Woman

When the Lord Jesus came to work back then, many people engaged with the Lord, and many more people heard the Lord Jesus’ sermons. But in fact, very few people could recognize the Lord Jesus as the Messiah. The Samaritan woman recognized the Lord Jesus as the coming Messiah and followed Him after she heard Him revealing her secrets, resolving the confusion in her heart, and showing her the way to worship God. Now in the last days, how can we welcome the Lord? The most important thing is to listen for the voice of God like the Samaritan woman, just as the Lord Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27). Almighty God says, “Since we are searching for the footprints of God, it behooves us to search for God’s will, for the words of God, for His utterances—because wherever there are new words spoken by God, the voice of God is there, and wherever there are the footsteps of God, God’s deeds are there. Wherever there is the expression of God, there God appears, and wherever God appears, there the truth, the way, and the life exist. In seeking God’s footprints, you have ignored the words ‘God is the truth, the way, and the life.’ And so, many people, even when they receive the truth, do not believe that they have found God’s footprints, and still less do they acknowledge the appearance of God. What a grave mistake!”

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1 Peter 4:17 – Judgment Begins at the House of God

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse is the prophecy of God doing the work of judgment in the last days. Concerning the work of the judgment in the last days, Jesus Christ also prophesied, “He that rejects me, and receives not my words, has one that judges him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day” (John 12:48). From these prophecies we can see when Jesus Christ comes in the last days, He will return to express the truth and do the work of judgment beginning from the house of God.

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Is the Pardoning of Our Sins Really a Ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven? – “What a Beautiful Voice”

Many people in religion think that they have admitted their sins and repented of them after believing in the Lord, so they have been redeemed, and been saved by grace. When the Lord comes, He will lift them up directly into the kingdom of heaven, and He cannot possibly do the work of salvation. Does this view tally with the reality of God’s work? This video will show you the answer.

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Follow the Lord or Resist Him, Why Their Attitudes Differ

On the morning of Sunday, it was sunny. Flowers in the courtyard emitted a beautiful, strong smell. The voices of prayers were coming from brothers and sisters in the meeting place, “Our Father which are in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. … Amen.”

The preacher, Brother Liu, stood on the platform, saying to everyone with a smile, “Today, we change a way of having a meeting. You can ask if you are not clear about something or have any questions. We will seek and fellowship together. On one hand, it can liven up the atmosphere; on the other hand, we will develop the burden and fellowship actively. In this way we can understand more truths. May the Lord prepare. Amen!”

Brothers and sisters began to widely discuss. Believer A said happily, “This is a good way. It can not only make brothers and sisters interact with each other but arouse us to seek the truth. I think we should have meetings like this in future so that the effect will be better.”

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What Does It Really Mean to Pray Without Ceasing? Why Should We Do So?

1.What does praying without ceasing refer to?

Regarding the apostle Paul’s words “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), many people interpret them as constantly speaking to God and consider it a very difficult thing to accomplish. In fact, praying without ceasing is not some sort of outward ritual. Instead, it refers to us Christians honoring God as great, relying on and looking to God, communicating with God in our spirits and living before God at all times. Praying without ceasing does not hold to a certain format, nor is it limited to a fixed time or place. Regardless of whether we are free or busy, strong or weak, whether our environment is comfortable or harsh, whether we have difficulties or not, or whether we have made transgressions or not, we can pray to God and communicate with Him. Even when our hands are busy doing something, we can still pray to God in our hearts. Whether we are sitting on the bus, working, or preaching, we can always pray to God, draw close to Him with heart, and quiet our hearts before the Lord. In short, we can practice praying at any time and any place.

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