Why Doesn’t God Use Man to Do His Judgment Work in the Last Days?

The work of judgment is God’s own work, so it must naturally be carried out by God Himself; it cannot be done by man in His stead. Because judgment is the use of the truth to conquer humankind, there is no question that God would still appear in the incarnate image to perform this work among man. That is to say, in the last days, Christ shall use the truth to teach people across the world and make all truths known to them. This is God’s work of judgment. from “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Will the Lord Jesus Return in the Spiritual Body or in the Flesh When Taking His Believers?

Nowadays, the last days have arrived. I believe that the brothers and sisters from different denominations are all paying close attention to the return of the Lord Jesus. The Lord once promised us: “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:2-3). For this reason, we are all eagerly expecting that the Lord will come again to bring us into the kingdom of heaven. However, with regard to the means of the Lord’s return, each denomination has a different understanding of it. There are mainly two points of view.

A Discussion About the Lord Jesus’ Return

Pastor Lee failed to put in and, seeing they had a heated discussion, he was a little unhappy. Then he folded his arms to conceal his embarrassment. After calming himself, he challenged Preacher Ju’s view and disapprovingly said, “According to your statements that the Lord’s return will be secret at first, and will only become public later, then what work will the Lord do between the time of His return and His public appearance?”

Is the Lord Jesus God Himself or the Son of God?

As Christians, many of us have the notion that the Lord Jesus is God’s Son because there are a number of mentions in the Bible of “beloved Son” and “heavenly Father.” Just like it clearly states in Luke 3:22: “And a voice came from heaven, which said, You are My beloved Son; in You I am well pleased.” Plus in the Lord’s Prayer the Lord Jesus called God in heaven “Our Father which are in heaven.” The Lord Jesus Himself said that, and that’s what the Holy Spirit gave testimony to, so nearly everyone who follows the Lord Jesus thinks that He is God’s Son. But I’ve also seen a lot of places in the Bible where it says that God is the only one true God who created the heavens, the earth, and all things, that there is only one God. So then why would there be any mention of a Father and a Son? Isn’t that contradictory? So was the Lord Jesus the Son of God or was He God Himself?