Crying Out to God in Distress

One evening in early August of 2016, my husband and I had just finished supper, when suddenly the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed outside, and then it started to rain cats and dogs. I went out of the door and saw that the street was soon flooded. And, because of the violent rain, the accumulated water began to flow swiftly toward our house. Frightened, I hastened back into the room and shouted to my husband, “Hurry up! The water is about to enter the room!” My husband got startled and said, “Just now the forecaster said there would be no rain. The National Weather Bureau didn’t forecast accurately.” As he said that, he hastily brought a board and propped it against the door. I rushed into the inner room and took some quilts and shoved them under the door. When we stood up, we saw there was a flash of lightning outside the windows. It rained ever harder. The rain was violently beating against the windows, and the accumulated water outside our door was rising higher and higher. I was extremely fearful: Once the water flows into the room, our books of God’s words and all the possessions we have accumulated all our life will be swamped or be washed away. In a panic, I didn’t know what to do. At that moment, my husband said loudly, “Don’t panic! Pray to God quickly!” Reminded by him, I came to my senses. “Right! I’m a believer in Almighty God, and Almighty God is our strong tower!” Then we knelt down at once, and I prayed desperately, “O Almighty God, now there is a flood outside, and the water is coming into our house soon. If the house is flooded, our books of Your words and possessions will be damaged. O God! May You care for and protect our house….” My husband also prayed, “O Almighty God! In the face of such heavy rain, as human beings, we are too small to do anything. May You care for us and protect us from the big flood….”

Miraculously, God revealed to us His wondrous deed right after our prayer. We saw that although the rain was still pouring down with lightning and thunder flashing through the sky, the whirling flood outside our door suddenly changed its direction and flowed away. I hurried to the back door and found that only a small amount of water of the torrent had come in through the cracks between the door and its frames, which had just wetted the floor near the door. So my anxious heart began to calm down, and meanwhile I was very excited and unceasingly gave thanks and praises to God for keeping us from the violent attack of the heavy rain with His great power. I remembered the words of Almighty God: “The disaster originates with Me and is of course orchestrated by Me. If you cannot appear as good in My eyes, then you will not escape suffering the disaster” (“Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). The astonishing scene that had just occurred allowed my husband and me to experience the authority and power of the words of Almighty God. The flood had surrounded our house, but when we earnestly prayed to Almighty God and relied on Him, it didn’t rush in but instead turned off and flowed away. This might sound inconceivable, but it was indeed a fact that we had seen with our own eyes. God was so almighty and so wondrous! Thinking of how panic-stricken I had been moments ago, I really felt ashamed: At ordinary times I always said that all things are in God’s hands and that they are arranged and ruled by the Creator, but when the flood came, I got into a panic, forgetting to rely on and look up to God. Thanks to God’s arrangement for my husband to remind me in time, I prayed to God and cried out to Him for care and protection, so that I saw His deed right after the prayer. From this, I saw that God has been showing concern for people and secretly caring for and protecting those who are willing to believe in and rely on Him. Through this dangerous situation, I learned how to rely on God and had firmer faith in Him in the disaster.

When I was thinking of this, I heard my husband say, “The water is rising above the step outside the back door.” There was nothing else in the house that could be used to prevent the water at the time. But because of what I had experienced moments ago, I was not so fearful and flustered as before. I knelt down and prayed to God again, “O Almighty God! I have seen Your almightiness, sovereignty, and wondrous deed a short while ago. The rain is particularly violent today. Without Your care and protection, however hard we try, we will not be able to stop the water from coming in. The steps outside our front and back doors are below street level by over 50 cm; were it not for Your protection, the water would have already entered the house. Now the water is still rising. Whether it will flood our house or not is in Your hands. I’m willing to commit everything to Your hands….” Right after the prayer, my husband said, “Look, has the rain eased off?” We opened the window and saw our neighbors getting the water out of their houses. We walked out the door through the water in rubber boots. The rain was letting up, but we were stunned by the scene before our eyes: All our neighbors’ houses, without exception, were flooded; some canes of the old people, clothes, and other things were floating away; the effluent-fouled creek not far away from our house was overflowing; the street was jammed with cars, which failed to start in the water, and some people were shouting, some cursing, full of noise. Around us was a world of waters.

The next morning, the water hadn’t receded completely, and in the street, many people stood in it talking. One of our neighbors said, “If the storm had lasted a little longer yesterday evening, it would have caused great calamities.” Another man said, “The flood was broadcast on television. It’s reported that this rain was the heaviest one in the last over fifty years; in certain places, some wire poles fell down, and many people were electrocuted….” When I saw that all the other families in the neighborhood that lived on the first floor like us were getting the water out of their houses, I realized that only our house was not flooded, safe and sound. I couldn’t help praising God in my heart for His wondrous deed. One of our neighbors looked at my husband and me and said to the other people, “Our houses are all flooded, but how come theirs is sound? It seems as if someone has directed it in secret….” Hearing their words, I gave thanks and praises to Almighty God in my heart unceasingly. In light of the fact, I saw that the disaster is indeed brought down and orchestrated by God. God is a God who searches people’s hearts and minds. When the disaster comes, as long as one sincerely cries out to Almighty God, he will see God’s wondrous deed. God’s miraculous protection of us in the flood increased my faith in Almighty God and strengthened my will to pursue the truth and follow Almighty God to the end.

From: Grow in Christ

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