Thomas’ faith was condemned by the Lord Jesus: What warning does this give us?

God says, “Before the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross, Thomas always doubted that He was Christ, and was incapable of belief. His faith in God was established only on the basis of what he could see with his own eyes, what he could touch with his own hands. The Lord Jesus had a good understanding of the faith of this type of person. They only believed in God in heaven, and did not believe at all in the One sent by God, or the Christ in the flesh, and nor would they accept Him. In order for Thomas to acknowledge and believe in the existence of the Lord Jesus and that He truly was God incarnate, He allowed Thomas to reach out his hand and touch His rib. Was Thomas’ doubting any different before and after the Lord Jesus’ resurrection? He was always doubting, and except by the Lord Jesus’ spiritual body personally appearing to him and allowing him to touch the nail marks on His body, there was no way that anyone could resolve his doubts and make him let go of them. So, from the time the Lord Jesus allowed Thomas to touch His rib and let him really feel the existence of the nail marks, Thomas’ doubt disappeared, and he truly knew that the Lord Jesus had been resurrected, and he acknowledged and believed that the Lord Jesus was the true Christ and God incarnate. Although at this time Thomas no longer doubted, he had lost forever the chance to meet with Christ. He had lost forever the chance to be together with Him, to follow Him, to know Him. He had lost the chance for Christ to perfect him. The Lord Jesus’ appearance and His words provided a conclusion and a verdict on the faith of those who were full of doubts. He used His actual words and actions to tell the doubters, to tell those who only believed in God in heaven but did not believe in Christ: God did not commend their belief, nor did He commend them for following Him while doubting Him. The day when they fully believed in God and Christ could only be the day that God completed His great work. Of course, that day was also the day that a verdict was made upon their doubt. Their attitude toward Christ determined their fate, and their stubborn doubt meant that their faith bore them no fruit, and their hardness meant that their hopes were in vain. Because their belief in God in heaven was fed on illusions, and their doubt toward Christ was actually their true attitude toward God, even though they touched the nail marks on the Lord Jesus’ body, their faith was still useless and their outcome could only be described as drawing water with a bamboo basket—all in vain.”

It can be seen from God’s words that all the while Thomas was following the Lord Jesus, he never sought within the Lord Jesus’ preaching and words to find whether they possessed truth. No matter how many years he believed in God, after all that time he was still unable to recognize the Lord Jesus’ true identity, and that was why he did not believe that Jesus was Christ. When Jesus told His disciples before His crucifixion that He would resurrect after His death, Thomas did not believe that the Lord’s words would come to pass. Only when he saw the spiritual body of the resurrected Lord Jesus appearing before his very eyes did he finally believe it. As a result, when Thomas saw the Lord’s spiritual body with his own eyes and touched the wounds left by the nails on the Lord’s body, he was thus reprimanded by the Lord Jesus: “Because you have seen Me, you have believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29). Thomas then had lost God’s blessing forever. If we want to welcome the Lord in the last days, what warnings should we learn from Thomas’s failure?

Nowadays, the prophecies of the Lord’s return have already come true. Many people are testifying that the Lord has come back and He has expressed new words and done new work. Those who love the truth have heard God’s voice after seeking and have greeted the Lord’s return. While some others make the same mistake as Thomas’ in the matter of welcoming the Lord’s return. They don’t focus themselves upon seeking to hear the voice of God but insist on only believing He has returned when they see the Lord riding upon a cloud in His resurrected spiritual body. Is their viewpoint in line with the Lord’s will? Can they finally welcome the Lord in this way? If you want to avoid repeating the mistake of Thomas and receive the Lord’s second coming soon, Click here to discuss with us. We hope to communicate with you more about the Lord’s return and help you find the way to succeed in welcoming the Lord.


Can “We Shall Meet the Lord in the Air” Be Accomplished?

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