The Last Christ Is the Lord of the Judgment and the One Who Opens the Scroll. (Part Three)

  1. “The Bible records that only the Lamb can break the seven seals. In the past generations, there were many Bible expositors among the great men. Then can you say that they were all the Lamb? Can you say that their expositions were completely from God? They were only ‘Bible expositors,’ and they did not have the identity of the Lamb. How could they be qualified to break the seven seals?”

from “A Statement About Address and Identity” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. “In the end time, when I open my scroll (the scroll refers to all the words of my mouth, the words I speak in the last time, which are all the content of my scroll), I will tell you this.

from “The One Hundred and Tenth Piece of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. “The end time is only the end time and is only the Age of the Kingdom, and it does not represent the Age of the Grace or the Age of the Law. It is only that in the end time all the works in the six-thousand-year management plan are revealed to you, which means that the mystery has been unlocked. Such a mystery cannot be unlocked by any man. No matter how well people know about the Bible, they only know its letters, because they do not understand its substance. Through reading the Bible, people may understand some truths, interpret some letters, or expound some famous verses and words, but they can never unlock the meaning contained in these letters, because what they see is all dead letters, not the picture of Jehovah’s doing the work or that of Jesus’ doing the work, and they cannot unlock the mystery of these works. So, the mystery of the six-thousand-year management plan is the greatest mystery and is most hidden, which man cannot fathom at all. No one can directly understand God’s will unless he personally explains it and discloses it to man. Otherwise, it would forever be a ‘riddle’ and a sealed mystery to man.The six-thousand-year work is more mysterious than all the prophecies of the prophets. It is the greatest mystery from the creation of the world until today. Even the prophets throughout the ages could not fathom this mystery, because it is unlocked only in the final age and it has never been unlocked before. If you understand this mystery and can fully comprehend it, all the religious people will be subdued by it. Only this is the greatest vision and is what people most wish to understand but also what they are most unclear about. When you were in the Age of the Grace, none of you knew what was the work Jesus did and what was the work Jehovah did. People did not understand why Jehovah set down the law, why he required the people to keep the law, and why he had the temple built. Much less did they understand why he led the Israelites from Egypt into the wilderness and from the wilderness into Canaan. These things have not been revealed until today.”

from “The Mystery of Incarnation (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. The results of this last stage of work are achieved through the word. Through the word, people understand many mysteries and understand the works done by God throughout the ages; through the word, people receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; through the word, people understand the mysteries man has never unlocked throughout the ages and understand the works the prophets and the apostles did throughout the ages and the principles of their working; through the word, people also know the disposition of God Godself and know man’s disobedience and resistance and their own substance. Through the steps of works and all the words, people know the work of the Spirit, know the work done by God’s incarnated flesh, and even more know all his disposition. It is through the word that you know God’s six-thousand-year management work. Isn’t it also through the word that you know what notions you had before and drop them? In the stage of Jesus’ work, God performed signs and wonders. In this stage of work, God does not perform signs and wonders. Isn’t it also through the word that you know why God does not perform signs and wonders? So, the words spoken by God in this stage surpass the works done by the apostles and the prophets throughout the ages. Even the prophecies spoken by the prophets could not produce such results.”

from “The Mystery of Incarnation (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. The way of life cannot be possessed by any man or easily gained by every man, because life can only come from God, that is, only God Godself possesses the substance of life and only God Godself has the way of life. So, only God is the source of life, and only God is the ever-gushing spring of living water of life. Since the creation of the world, God has done a great many works that carry life vigor, done many works that bring man life, and paid much price that enables man to have life, because God Godself is eternal life and God Godself is the way to resurrect man. God is in man’s heart every moment and is living among men every moment. He is the motivating power for man’s living, the foundation for man’s existence, and also the abundant mineral resources for man’s existence after birth. He causes men to be born again and causes men to live tenaciously in their respective roles. By his power and by his never-quenching life force, men have lived for generation after generation, while the power of God’s life has been supporting among them consistently. He has paid a price that ordinary men have never paid. God’s life force can vanquish all power and even more surpass all power. His life is perpetual, and his power is transcendent. No created being and no hostile force can overpower his life force. At any moment and in any place his life force exists and shines with brilliant radiance. Heaven and earth may change tremendously, but God’s life will never change; all things may pass away, but God’s life will still exist. This is because God is the origin of the existence of all things and the foundation for the existence of all things. Man’s life originates from God, the heaven comes into existence because of God, and the earth exists by the power of God’s life. Anything with vitality cannot go beyond God’s sovereignty, and anything with vigor cannot escape out of the scope of God’s authority. Thus, anyone, no matter who he is, has to become subject under God’s dominion and live under God’s governing and cannot escape out of God’s hand.”

from “Only the Last Christ Can Bestow to Man the Way of Eternal Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. What the end-time Christ brings is life and is the perpetual and eternal way of truth. Such truth is the pathway for man to receive life and the only pathway for man to know God and be approved by God. If you do not seek the way of life supplied by the end-time Christ, then you can never receive Jesus’ approval and will never be qualified to step into the gate of the kingdom of heaven, because you are a puppet of history and a prisoner of history. Those who are controlled by regulations, letters, and the shackles of history can never receive life and can never receive the perpetual way of life, because what they have received is only the turbid water that has been kept for thousands of years, not the water of life that flows from the throne. Those who have no supply of the water of life will be forever corpses, forever playthings of satan, and forever sons of hell. Then can they see God? You only want to keep history and to remain in the same place and maintain the original situation, but do not seek to change the status quo and discard history. Then aren’t you one who is forever against God? God’s work is advancing at a mighty pace, like surging waves and rolling thunders, but you sit still waiting for death and wait for a windfall. Then how can you be considered one who follows the footsteps of the Lamb? How can it show that the God you hold on to is the ever-new and never-old God?”

from “Only the Last Christ Can Bestow to Man the Way of Eternal Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. Those who want to receive life not through the truth of Christ’s mouth are the most absurd people in the world. Those who do not accept the way of life brought by Christ are ones who indulge in the wildest fantasy. So I say that those who do not accept the end-time Christ are forever the ones loathed by God. Christ is the gate for man to enter into the kingdom in the end time, which no one can bypass, and no one can possibly be perfected by God not through Christ. Since you are a believer in God, you have to accept God’s word and obey God’s way. Do not just think about receiving blessings while being unable to receive the truth or accept the supply of life. Christ comes in the end time to supply life to all those who truly believe in him. This work is a work for ending the old age and entering into the new age and is the necessary pathway for all people to enter into the new age. If you cannot acknowledge and even condemn, blaspheme, or persecute, then you are surely one who will be burned for eternity and one who can never enter into God’s kingdom. This is because this Christ is originally the expression of the Holy Spirit, the expression of God, and the One to whom God’s work on earth is committed. So, I say that if you cannot accept all that the end-time Christ does, you are one who blasphemes the Holy Spirit. It is self-evident to everyone what retribution a person who blasphemes the Holy Spirit deserves. I still want to tell you, if you resist the end-time Christ and reject the end-time Christ, no one else can bear the consequences for you. And thereafter you will never again have the opportunity to receive God’s approval. Even when you want to retrieve, you cannot see God’s face again, because the one you have resisted is not a man and the one you have rejected is not a small man but Christ. Are you aware of such consequences? What you have done is not making a small mistake but committing a mortal sin. So, I advise everyone not to act wildly or speak loosely before the truth, because only the truth can bring you life, and apart from it, nothing can cause you to be resurrected and see God’s face again.”

from “Only the Last Christ Can Bestow to Man the Way of Eternal Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. I am doing my work in the entire universe, and in the East loud voices like the pealing of thunders issue forth unceasingly, shaking every denomination and sect. It is my utterance that has brought all people to today. I cause all people to be conquered because of my utterance, and all fall into this stream and become subject before me. For I have long taken back my glory from the whole earth and sent it forth from the East again. Who does not expect to see my glory? Who does not look forward to my returning? Who does not thirst for my reappearing? Who does not long for my loveliness? Who will not come to the light? Who will not see the riches of Canaan? Who does not expect the return of the ‘Redeemer’? Who does not look up to the Mighty One? My utterance will be proclaimed in the whole earth. I will utter my voice and speak more to my chosen people, which will shake mountains and rivers like mighty thunders. It is to the entire universe that I speak, and it is to mankind that I speak. So the word of my mouth will become people’s treasure, and all people will treasure my word. It is from the East that the lightning shines even to the west. My word is inseparable to man, is unfathomable to man, and even more, is joyful to man. Like a newborn baby, all people will be happy and joyous, celebrating my coming. By my utterance, I will bring all people before me. Thereafter, I will formally enter among mankind, causing all people to come to worship me. By the sending forth of my glory and by the word of my mouth, I will cause all people to come before me and see that it is from the East that the lightning comes, that I have descended on the ‘Mount of Olives’ of the East and have long come to earth, and I am no longer the ‘Son of the Jews’ but the Lightning of the East, because I have long resurrected and left from among people and again have appeared among people with glory, and that I am the One worshiped by people before the ages and the ‘baby’ rejected by the Israelites before the ages and even more the Almighty God of the present age who is laden with glory! I will cause all people to come before my throne, see my glorious countenance, hear my utterance, and watch my deeds. This is my entire will, the ultimate and the climax of my plan, and the purpose of my management. I will cause all nations to worship, all tongues to confess, all men to trust, and all peoples to become subject!”

from “The Seven Thunders Peal—Prophesying the Kingdom Gospel Will Spread to the Entire Universe” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. God appears without being limited to any way or country for the purpose that he can accomplish the work in his plan. For example, God was incarnated in Judea for the purpose that he could accomplish the work of being crucified to redeem all mankind. But all the Jews thought that it was impossible for God to do that and it was impossible for God to be incarnated to become such an image as the Lord Jesus. Their ‘impossible’ became the basis of their condemning God and resisting God, which ultimately led to the destruction of Israel. Many people today have again made such a mistake. They widely preach that God is about to appear, but at the same time they condemn God’s appearing. Their ‘impossible’ has again circumscribed God’s appearing within their imaginations.”

from “God’s Appearing Has Brought the New Age” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

  1. Drop your notions! Quiet down and read these words carefully. As long as you have a heart of thirsting for the truth, God will inspire you to understand his will and understand his word. Drop your view of ‘impossible’! The more ‘impossible’ man thinks a thing is, the more possibly it will happen. This is because God’s wisdom is higher than the heavens and God’s thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts, and God’s work is done beyond the scope of man’s thinking and notion. The more impossible a thing is, the more there is the truth to seek in it. The more unimaginable a thing is according to man’s notion, the more there is God’s will in it. This is because no matter where God appears, God is still God, and God’s substance will by no means change because of the place or the way he appears in. No matter where God’s footsteps are, his disposition will not change. No matter where God’s footsteps are, he is the God of all mankind. Take the Lord Jesus for example. He is not only the God of the Israelites, but also the God of all Asians, Europeans, and Americans, and even more the unique God in the entire universe. Let’s from God’s utterance and word search for God’s will, discover God’s appearing, and keep up with God’s footsteps! God is the truth, the way, and the life. His word and his appearing coexist. His disposition and his footsteps are being made open to mankind all the time. Dear brothers and sisters, I hope that you all can see God’s appearing in these words, start to keep up with God’s footsteps and step toward the new age, and enter into the beautiful new heaven and new earth God has prepared for those who are waiting for his appearing!”

from “God’s Appearing Has Brought the New Age” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

From: Grow in Christ

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