Only by True Repentance Can We Be Saved by God

Faced with increasingly serious disasters now, we can no longer cope with them. Instead, we can only kneel down on the street and pray to God, begging for God to save us from disasters. Do you know, besides prayer, what else we can do to obtain God’s salvation amidst disasters?

Think back to the time when the sin of the people of Nineveh reached the eyes of God, God decided to destroy the city. But before the destruction, God sent the prophet Jonah to convey the word of God to the Ninevites: “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown” (Jonah 3:4). Hearing God’s words, from the king to the common people, they all prostrated themselves before God, confessing and repenting in sackcloth and ashes. Afterward, God withdrew His decision and the catastrophe bearing down upon Nineveh. Then, why could the people of Nineveh receive God’s mercy and salvation?

God’s word says, “Once all of the people of Nineveh, from the king to the commoners, learned that Jehovah God was angry with them, God could clearly and plainly see every single one of their subsequent actions and their conduct in its entirety, as well as every one of the decisions and choices that they made. … The reason why God’s decision—to spare the Ninevites from catastrophe—was so swift is that God observed the heart of every person of Nineveh. He saw what they held deep within their hearts: their sincere repentance and confession for their sins, their sincere belief in Him, their deep sense of how their wicked acts had enraged His disposition, and the resulting fear of Jehovah God’s impending punishment. At the same time, Jehovah God also heard their prayers, which came from deep within their hearts, entreating Him to no longer be angry at them, so that they might avoid this catastrophe. When God observed all these facts, little by little His anger faded away. Regardless of how great His anger had previously been, His heart was touched when He saw the sincere repentance deep within these people’s hearts, and so He could not bear to bring catastrophe upon them, and He ceased to be angry at them. Instead, He continued to extend His mercy and tolerance toward them and continued to guide and provide for them.

This ‘evil way’ does not refer to a handful of evil acts, but to the evil source from which people’s behavior springs. ‘Turning away from his evil way’ means that those in question will never commit these actions again. In other words, they will never again behave in this evil way; the method, source, purpose, intent and principle of their actions have all changed; they will never again use those methods and principles to bring enjoyment and happiness to their hearts. The ‘abandon’ in ‘abandon the violence in their hands’ means to lay down or to cast aside, to fully break with the past and to never turn back. When the people of Nineveh abandoned the violence in their hands, this proved and represented their true repentance. God observes people’s outward appearances as well as their hearts. When God observed the true repentance in the hearts of the Ninevites without question and also observed that they had left their evil ways and abandoned the violence in their hands, He changed His heart. This is to say that these people’s conduct and behavior and various ways of doing things, as well as their true confession and repentance of sins in their hearts, caused God to change His heart, to change His intentions, to retract His decision and not to punish or destroy them. Thus, the people of Nineveh achieved a different outcome for themselves. They redeemed their own lives and at the same time won God’s mercy and tolerance, at which point God also retracted His wrath.”

From the words of God, we can see that the reason why the Ninevites got the mercy of God can be listed as these: They believed in what God was going to do and they truly realized from their hearts that their sins and evils had offended God’s disposition; they feared being destroyed by God and thus sincerely begged for God not to destroy them; they had real reverence and fear toward God from their hearts, and they also had real remorse and hatred for their sins, willing to fully break with the past and never turn back. God saw their true repentance from their hearts, so He retracted His wrath, bestowed mercy upon them, and no longer destroyed them. This is the path to win God’s salvation through true repentance to God!

Now disasters are becoming more and more serious. Only if we truly repent to God can we gain God’s guidance during disasters so that we can have a way forward and be raptured into the heavenly kingdom. Many believers in the Lord have such confusions: We often confess our sins and repent to the Lord in tears, but we still live in a cycle of sinning and confessing, unable to extricate ourselves. Is this true repentance? Can we who often sin and do not truly repent be qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven? Here we select Bible verses about repentance and related content to help brothers and sisters who are truly waiting for the Lord’s return find the way to escape sin, achieve true repentance, and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Bible Verses About Repentance

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